And an overview of what they will receive:
- A free e-book upon sign up
- access to our weekly newsletter featuring interviews/ analysis/ session plans etc
- early access to new releases such as e-books
- a monthly round up of the best coaching resources online.
Excited to announce as of today . Paragon Sports & Marketing have reached a partnership agreement with Partner Development Sport which has offices based in Europe and more.
We will be offering 1st class coaching , that will be now including player development and player analysis as our standard procedure in our program.
We will be using the testing and methodology of Partner Development Sport to aid in the players development. We will develop a player library that will be on show to our partners across the globe and available on request to these partners also who constantly contact them looking for players from all around the world with certain requirements and skills .
Our program will have physical , tactical , technical and nutritional coaching as same as they have in all top clubs and academies across the world.
  Trainer Friend are our nutrition software partners check them out here
      Plenty are our physical training software partners check them out here     
YO PLAY DO is our soccer coaching software and video analysis partners