H.S.    5Stars 

Coach Ben has been coaching my 2 boys for couple of years now. He , not only worked tremendously on their skills , but also helped shape their thinking in the sport, improving their athletic abilities. I recommend coach Ben if you are looking for a  passionate coach.

S Lloyd     5Stars 

Ben has the ability to coach beginners and experienced players alike. He is patient and tough in an extremely positive manner. My son said after one lesson with Ben that he learned more in 1 hour than he did in 6 sessions with our previous coach. He’s amazing!!!!

Jennifer Thompson     5Stars 

Coach Ben has a wonderful way of teaching the skills my son needed to elevate his Goalkeeping game. I’d recommend him to anyone!

Angel Thompson     5Stars 

Coach Ben developed my 9 year son from an individual contributor with little guided leadership of soccer skills to a kid who is now intentional in his approach to play as a unified team player. Coach Ben is patient, understanding, composed, and well- respected by the kids he lead. My son has made a positive transformation with his soccer skills, academics, and overall confidence while under Coach Ben’s leadership and he takes pride in being a part of a well- led organized team.

Henry Liang     5Stars 

He is helping kid develop their skills and follow up on them patiently. Great coach!

C. Randhawa     5Stars 

Amazing engagement with my son and his team. My son has consistently improved his soccer skills and his love for the sport, since he started with Coach Ben. He has not only improved his soccer skills and team playing skills, but also taught important life lessons of discipline, responsibility and accountability with soccer skills practice homeworks.

DA     4Stars 

Training was very age and developmental appropriate.

Sara McDermott   5Stars   

Coach Ben is one of the best coaches we have ever had!

Conan     5Stars 

Excellent patient teacher with a keen ability to connect with the kids. Really good at developing skills needed for success.

Reet Randhawa   5Stars   

Ben, is a amazing coach. Best thing about Ben is he makes the lessons both fun and effective. My son looks forward to his sessions. In addition lessons continue at home, as Ben is great in motivating kids to practice what they have learned. This summer my son was getting burned out / bored with soccer camps and skill lessons... But working with Ben, made him excited about working on improving his soccer skills. Ben is also good at motivating the kids to step up their game, and become good "team players" (not ball hogs). He works on developing passing, receiving, defending, shooting and dribbling skills. Although my son is not a GK, I have seen Ben work with GKs and he is an super GK coach too. If you want to improve your kids skill and/or passion... try Ben, you will not be disappointed.

Melanie Santa     5Stars 

Ben is very dedicated to improving the individual skills of my son and is a pleasure to work with!

Hector Lopez     5Stars 

Great communication with players. Willingness to play players in different formations and positions.

Jessica Chavez     5Stars 

He works great with the boys. He shows them great skills and you see improvements in about 2-3 months! Thanks for all his hard work and commitment.

Ali Dweik     5Stars 

Just excellent in every way. Excellent communicator and has great ability to motivate players. I am extremely grateful to everything he does for the kids. Very happy my son is part of his team and I have never seen my son this happy about soccer and soccer practice. That says a lot.

Thomas Morris  5Stars  

  Feb14 2020

My son, Harrison, is the smallest player on his team and when he started training with Ben his shot had no power or accuracy. Ben corrected his form and now Harrison's shots have power and he can also place them in the bottom corners with precision and power. Ben does not just have Harrison line up and strike balls into the net as hard as he can, emphasis is placed on accuracy and not just power. Harrison is a more confident player and that is due to the work he has put in with Ben.